Beyond the Rainbow: The Realities of LGBTQIA+ Food and Housing Insecurity


Happy Pride! June is Pride Month, dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and honoring the progress made towards equality and acceptance. Pride originated from the Stonewall riots of June 1969. These were spontaneous demonstrations by LGBTQIA+ community members in response to a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. These riots marked a turning point in the LGBTQIA+ rights movement. They galvanized activism and led to the formation of numerous advocacy groups. Over the decades, Pride Month has grown into an international celebration. It now includes parades, festivals, and events promoting LGBTQIA+ visibility and rights.

This month also reminds us of the ongoing struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights. It highlights the importance of solidarity and visibility. Amidst the celebrations, it’s crucial to reflect on the persistent challenges faced by the queer community. Disproportionate rates of hunger and homelessness are key issues. These issues underscore the broader socioeconomic disparities that continue to affect LGBTQIA+ individuals, making it essential to address and support their needs comprehensively.

The Issue, at a glance

Despite strides in LGBTQIA+ rights, significant disparities persist in essential areas like food and housing security. According to a 2021 study by the Human Rights Campaign, LGBTQIA+ individuals are twice as likely to experience homelessness compared to their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts. A 2020 study from the Williams Institute supports this, finding that 17% of sexual minority adults report lifetime homelessness, and less than 50% of LGBTQIA+ adults own homes compared to 70% of heterosexual, cisgender adults Furthermore, disparities in homeownership are pronounced among LGBTQIA+ racial minorities and transgender individuals.

LGBTQIA+ youth are particularly vulnerable; up to 40% of homeless youth identifying as LGBTQIA+. This can stem for a lack of support at home and a refusal to house a member of the LGBTQ+ community. However, discrimination exists in the housing market as well. Refusal to rent or sell to same-sex couples, realtors refusing to show houses to transgender individuals, and rejections same-sex partners in leases all occur. These discriminatory practices exacerbate housing insecurity within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Similarly, food insecurity is prevalent among LGBTQIA+ individuals. The fact that LGBTQ+ individuals are twice as likely to receive SNAP benefits reflects this disparity. A 2021 revealed 13% of LGBTQIA+ adults report insufficient food at home, almost double non-LGBTQIA+ adults. Additionally, a 2019 study by the Oregon Food Bank revealed that 27% of LGBTQIA+ individuals reported insufficient funds for food within the past year. This is 10% higher compared to 17% of their straight or cisgender counterparts. Additionally, over 22% of LGBTQIA+ adults live in poverty, making them twice as likely as the general population to experience hunger. Economic challenges, including workplace discrimination, contribute to this disparity. Nearly 50% of LGBTQ+ individuals remain closeted at work out of fear of negative treatment or professional repercussions.

Despite these challenges, LGBTQIA+ individuals are less likely to seek assistance from food banks due to fear of rejection or discrimination. Approximately 14% avoid faith-based food pantries, further highlighting the barriers faced by the community in accessing essential resources.

Although the above information merely grazes the surface of the issue, we hope it’s sufficient to illuminate the necessity of dialogue around it.

Our Mission

Unfortunately, accessing housing support and food pantries is not always free from discrimination. The reality that many have faced rejection or prejudice when seeking assistance roots this apprehension. With that in mind, Bucks County Housing Group is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, offering services without discrimination based on gender, sexual identity, or any other identity features. Our goal is that everyone can access the help they need, such as housing initiatives—supportive housing, rapid rehousing, and housing counseling—and food programs — pantries, mobile markets, and community gardens — without fear of bias or exclusion. Join us in creating a community where everyone feels safe and supported. Help ensure that all can access the resources they need to thrive.



Hold A Drive

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Written By: Dominic DiFrancesco

This past Mother’s Day, Bucks County Housing Group hosted a heartwarming and creative event at our Robert Morris Apartment site. Our Craft Day brought together children from our various housing programs to celebrate the special women in their lives with personalized, hand-painted flower pots.

The diversity in designs mirrored the diversity of our community, showcasing the unique relationships and stories each child shares with their mother or mother figure. The Craft Day was more than just an art activity. It was a celebration of family and the enduring bond between mothers and their children. It provided an opportunity for the children to give back to the women who mean the most to them.

Hosted by our Community Building Program, part of our Social Services department, this event was the latest in our array of holiday events at our Robert Morris Apartments. Our Community Building Program provided craft materials, snacks, supervision, and the event space so our program’s children could create, socialize, and have fun. The staff and volunteers worked diligently to ensure an awesome afternoon for all. We’re so lucky to have them on the BCHG team.

Events like these are at the heart of BCHG’s mission. We strive to not only provide housing but also to create a supportive and nurturing environment where families can thrive. Our Community Building Program bridges the support gap by providing experiences like these that so many of us take for granted. Craft Day was a testament to this commitment, offering a space where children could express their creativity, build confidence, and experience the joy of giving.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the volunteers, staff, and families who made this day possible. Your support and enthusiasm are what make BCHG a place where love and creativity can flourish. Here’s to many more days of crafting, community, and celebration!

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Facebook: Bucks County Housing Group
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Written By: Dominic DiFrancesco

A Guide to Making a Difference


Giving Tuesday is a global day of charitable giving that encourages people to give back to their communities and support causes they are passionate about. Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG) is continuing our work to close the door on hunger and homelessness, and we hope you’ll consider supporting us this Giving Tuesday. We are dedicated to addressing the challenges of food and housing insecurity, and providing affordable housing solutions, and rely on community support to carry out our mission. This Giving Tuesday, consider one of these ways to contribute to help give back to our community and support BCHG:

  1. Monetary Donations:
    One of the most direct ways to support BCHG is through monetary donations. Your financial contributions can go a long way in helping us provide shelter, food, and essential services to individuals and families facing homelessness. Visit our Giving Tuesday page to make a secure online donation, donate via Paypal, or fill out this form to set up a recurring donation to provide ongoing support. You can also support us by buying our merchandise!
  2. Fundraising Campaigns:
    Consider organizing a fundraising campaign within your community or workplace to raise awareness and funds for BCHG. You could host a neighborhood event, set up crowdfunding pages, or collaborate with local businesses to create donation drives. Get creative and involve others in the process to maximize the impact of your fundraising efforts. Need our support? Email!
  3. Volunteer Your Time:
    If you have the time and skills to spare, consider volunteering with BCHG. We often need volunteers for various tasks, such as assisting with food distribution, helping in our community gardens, or providing support at our office. Volunteering is a hands-on way to make a direct impact and connect with the community you’re helping. To get started, visit our volunteer page.
  4. In-Kind Donations:
    We welcome in-kind donations of essential items. This could include non-perishable food items, clothing, hygiene products, and household supplies. You can view our current list of needed food items here, and check out our Amazon Wishlist for the most up-to-date needs of our housing program units and families.
  5. Spread the Word:
    Help amplify our mission by spreading the word on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X. Share our posts, upcoming events, and initiatives on your page or story. Encourage your friends, family, and followers to get involved and support us on Giving Tuesday! Use the hashtags #GivingTuesday, #GT2023, and #GivingTuesday2023 to increase the visibility of your posts and inspire others to join the cause.
  6. Corporate Sponsorship:
    If you represent a business, explore the possibility of corporate sponsorship for BCHG. This can involve financial support, in-kind donations, or even collaboration on community initiatives. Corporate partnerships can significantly boost our resources and enable us to expand our impact. If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner, email for more information.


This Giving Tuesday, make a meaningful contribution to Bucks County Housing Group and play a role in addressing homelessness and housing challenges in your community. Whether through financial support, volunteerism, or spreading awareness, your efforts can make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Join the movement and be a part of positive change in Bucks County.