Our Impact

BCHG has continued to have a large impact on our community in 2023. As the largest homelessness services provider and only professionally run food pantry in the county, we work tirelessly to ensure Bucks County families are housed and fed. Bucks County Housing Group has been able to operate four family-supportive housing sites, a permanent supportive housing program for families whose members have disabling conditions, a Rapid Re-Housing project, and various other initiatives that generate and deliver funds and housing assistance to veterans, elders, and other subgroups within the community that may need extra assistance. These all work together to place us as the largest provider of homeless services in the county and it helps us move forward in effectively eliminating homelessness in our area. About 400 households and over 550 individuals rely on our services to obtain the basic human need of shelter. We are able to provide 100% of our families at risk with permanent housing stability through the Family Permanent Supportive Housing Programs. Due to the rise of COVID-19, more families than ever have been put under financial strain and are struggling to make their payments and keep their homes. The Rapid Re-Housing program has given guidance to these individuals and allowed them to regain their footing and set up a plan moving forward so that they can be reintegrated into the community. Our programs allow people in difficult situations to focus on their goals and what matters to them, allowing individuals and families to grow together.

Beyond simply providing housing and rental assistance to those that need it, we have also provided relevant education and training to thousands of people that need it. With the complicated legalities and the swarm of financial details that come with buying a home, many people are unable to successfully navigate the process. People who have barely enough income to survive are going to be at even more of a loss as they don’t have the time or energy to try finding proper education on the topic. Our qualified, experienced team of housing counselors help over 400 clients every year in the home-buying process. We guide them through the transactions and give them the education they need through live webinars, group counseling sessions, and one-on-one counseling meetings. By teaching important life skills such as budgeting, financial planning, how to navigate employment, and more, our clients get to a point where they can stand proudly, whether that’s as first-time homeowners through our Housing Counseling program or as financially independent individuals through our Case Management.

Another big initiative we have is our community food pantry network. Currently consisting of the Doylestown and Penndel locations, we distribute over 550,000 pounds of food and serve over 50,000 individuals annually. This all equates to millions of dollars in food that we give out in service of the Bucks County community. Throughout the pandemic, these services have been critical in nourishing the increasing population of families that are unable to meet the government standard for adequate food. Despite the challenges, we have adapted quickly in order to continue providing meals to everyone who needs it no matter how bad their situation may be.

If you’re fired up by our work and our cause, click here to learn how you too can help decrease hunger and homelessness in our community.