Community Gardens at Work

Community Gardens at Work

Importance of Community Gardens

As the summer months approach, we want to highlight the importance of community gardens in providing fresh produce to many residents within Bucks County. With around 7.3% of Bucks County’s population food insecure and food donations dwindling in the summer months, community gardens increasingly need to help bridge this gap.

Community gardens help to provide fresh produce to low-income households. This allows families to have access to healthier food options to incorporate into their daily diet, creating the opportunity to make nutrient-dense meals and procure necessary vitamins and minerals that might not have been accessible before. Community gardens are essential for creating an opportunity where fresh food is abundant and easily attainable for everyone.

Along with helping reduce food insecurity within the county, gardens also help strengthen social connections. Volunteers are able to come together and work towards a good cause while exercising and spending time outside. Working hard to help the garden thrive fosters a strong sense of connection between volunteers and community causes. 

BCHG’s Commitment to Gardens

Because of all the incredible benefits of community gardens, Bucks County Housing Group is proud to support three of their own this summer. With locations at our Doylestown, Penndel, and Robert Morris sites, BCHG strives to create a space that cultivates community connection. We are currently growing tomatoes, squash, and herbs that will soon be ready to harvest. We then distribute this produce to our food pantries and residents to enjoy!

Our gardens are essential in helping us accomplish our mission to close the door on hunger and homelessness. By providing fresh food to community members, especially in the summer when food donations tend to run low, our gardens allow us to alleviate the difficulties caused by food insecurity and provide community support for low-income households within Bucks County.

We always appreciate our volunteers who help make this mission possible. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our garden or pantry sites email!

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Written By: Nina Harris