Celebrating Fair Housing Month

Building Inclusive Communities with Bucks County Housing Group

As April bids us farewell, it leaves behind a legacy that resonates deeply with the ethos of equitable living and inclusive neighborhoods. April, designated as Fair Housing Month, serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing journey towards housing justice and equality for all. In this spirit, let’s delve into the significance of Fair Housing Month and how organizations like Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG) are pivotal in fostering communities where everyone has access to safe, affordable, and dignified housing.

The Legacy of Fair Housing Month

Fair Housing Month holds historical significance, tracing back to the Fair Housing Act of 1968, a landmark piece of legislation enacted in the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. This pivotal law aimed to eliminate housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Over the years, its protections have been expanded to include familial status and disability.

Despite the strides made since the Act’s passage, challenges persist. Discrimination, segregation, and disparities in housing access continue to afflict communities across the nation. This month serves as both a tribute to past achievements and a call to action to confront the persistent inequities that hinder the realization of fair housing for all.

Bucks County Housing Group: Nurturing Inclusive Communities

For over 40 years, BCHG has been a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing housing insecurity, homelessness, and discrimination. BCHG’s mission to end food and housing insecurity within our communities is only possible if housing is accessible to all. Our holistic approach recognizes that housing stability is intertwined with broader social, economic, and health outcomes.

Through a range of programs and initiatives, BCHG addresses the multifaceted needs of our community:

  1. Affordable Housing Development: BCHG develops and manages affordable housing properties, ensuring that individuals and families have access to safe and quality housing options that fit their budget.
  2. Homelessness Prevention: Recognizing the urgent need to prevent homelessness, BCHG offers rental assistance, case management, and supportive services to individuals and families at risk of losing their homes.
  3. Housing Counseling: Knowledge is power, and BCHG provides counseling and education on tenant rights, financial literacy, and homeownership readiness, empowering individuals to make informed housing decisions.
  4. Fair Housing Advocacy: BCHG is a staunch advocate for fair housing policies and practices, working to dismantle systemic barriers and combat discrimination in all its forms.

Embracing the Spirit of Fair Housing Month

As we reflect on the significance of this month, let us reaffirm our commitment to building communities where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is afforded the opportunity to thrive. The journey toward fair housing is not a solitary one but a collective endeavor that requires the concerted efforts of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and communities at large.

This Fair Housing Month, let us recommit ourselves to the principles of fairness, equity, and inclusion. Together, we can build a future where every individual has a place to call home, and every community is a vibrant tapestry of diversity and belonging.

Honoring Women’s Impact on Housing Equality

March is a time to celebrate Women’s History Month, a period dedicated to recognizing the countless contributions and achievements of women throughout history. From pioneering activists to groundbreaking leaders, women have played an integral role in shaping societies and advancing various causes, including the fight for housing equality.

At Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG), we take this opportunity to reflect on the remarkable women who have made significant strides in advocating for affordable housing, challenging systemic barriers, and empowering communities. As we honor their legacies, we also acknowledge the ongoing efforts to address housing disparities and ensure equitable access for all.

Throughout history, women have been at the forefront of housing activism, championing the rights of marginalized communities and demanding social change. Figures like Jane Addams, known for her pioneering work in establishing settlement houses in the late 19th century, provided vital resources and support to impoverished families, particularly women and children, in urban areas. Addams’ tireless efforts laid the foundation for future initiatives aimed at addressing housing insecurity and promoting social welfare.

In more recent times, women continue to lead the charge in advocating for affordable housing and combating homelessness. Individuals like Dorothy Mae Richardson, who founded the first Black-led public housing cooperative in the United States, exemplify the resilience and determination of women in creating sustainable housing solutions for underserved communities. Their vision and dedication serve as inspiration for organizations like BCHG as we strive to foster inclusive and resilient neighborhoods.

Moreover, Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to recognize the intersectional nature of housing inequality and the disproportionate impact it has on women, particularly women of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those with disabilities. These marginalized groups often face compounded barriers to accessing safe and affordable housing, stemming from systemic discrimination and socioeconomic disparities.

BCHG’s Work

In response, BCHG remains committed to advancing equity and inclusivity within our housing programs, ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to thrive. Through initiatives focused on advocacy, education, and community outreach, we work to dismantle institutional barriers and create pathways to stable housing for those in need.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let us not only honor the trailblazing women who have paved the way for progress but also reaffirm our commitment to building a future where housing justice is a reality for all. By acknowledging the intersectional experiences of women and amplifying their voices in the fight for equitable housing, we can create a more just and compassionate society for generations to come.

Join us in commemorating Women’s History Month and standing in solidarity with women everywhere as we continue the journey towards housing equality and social justice.

Together, we can make a difference.

As we commemorate Black History Month, it’s crucial to reflect not only on the achievements and contributions of Black individuals, but also on the systemic challenges they continue to face. In Bucks County, there exists a stark reality: disparities in access to adequate food and housing disproportionately affect the Black community. At Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG), we believe it’s imperative to confront these issues head-on and work toward equitable solutions.

Disparate Impacts on the Black Community

Food insecurity is a pressing concern for many Black households in Bucks County. According to Feeding America, 15% of Bucks County’s food-insecure population is Black. At BCHG, we recognize the urgency of addressing these underlying systemic issues through initiatives like community food drives, partnerships with other nonprofits, and advocating for policies that promote food equity.

Similarly, housing insecurity remains a significant challenge for the Black community in Bucks County. Discriminatory practices, historical disinvestment, and economic barriers have perpetuated housing disparities, resulting in higher rates of homelessness among Black residents. (National Alliance to End Homelessness) As an organization dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions, BCHG is committed to expanding access to safe and stable housing for all members of our community. Through affordable housing developments, rental assistance programs, and advocacy efforts, we strive to address the root causes of housing instability and create pathways to homeownership for marginalized populations.

Our Commitment

In commemorating Black History Month, we must not only celebrate the resilience and contributions of Black individuals but also acknowledge and dismantle the systemic barriers that perpetuate inequities in our society. At BCHG, we are committed to fostering a community where everyone has access to nutritious food, safe housing, and opportunities for economic advancement. By working together with community partners and stakeholders, we can build a more just and inclusive Bucks County where every individual, regardless of race or background, can thrive. This Black History Month, let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of equity and justice for all.

Bucks County Housing Group Partners with PA Department of Human Services to Promote 988 Hotline

The 988 Hotline

In a world where mental health struggles are increasingly prevalent, access to immediate support is crucial. Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG) has taken a significant step in addressing this need by partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to promote the 988 mental health hotline. This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting the mental well-being of the community we serve.

BCHG recognizes the interconnectedness of stable housing and mental health. As an organization dedicated to providing housing assistance, food, and support services to individuals and families in need, we see the need for mental health resources for our clients. Many of the individuals that we serve face various challenges, including mental health issues. Having access to reliable support is essential. The 988 hotline provides an immediate access point to those in need of mental health services.

The 988 hotline is crucial for those experiencing mental health emergencies. By dialing 988, individuals can connect with trained professionals who can provide guidance, support, and resources to help them navigate their situation. Support is always free and confidential.

Our Partnership

Our partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services aims to raise awareness about the 988 hotline within the community. Through our digital campaign, we are working to ensure that individuals in Bucks County are aware of this vital resource.

One of the key objectives of this partnership is to destigmatize mental health issues and encourage individuals to seek help when needed. By promoting the 988 hotline, we are sending a powerful message that mental health support is available, accessible, and free of judgment. Suicide prevention and crisis support are essential for safe, healthy communities. We must work together to normalize asking for help.

Moreover, this partnership aligns with BCHG’s broader mission of empowering individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency and stability. By providing access to mental health resources, we are not only addressing immediate crises but also supporting the long-term well-being of the community.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond just raising awareness. It embodies the collaborative efforts needed to address complex societal challenges. Through working together, BCHG and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services are leveraging our resources and expertise to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues.


As we work together to raise awareness about the 988 hotline, partnerships like this serve as models for community-driven initiatives to promote mental health support. By coming together, organizations can amplify their impact and create a more supportive environment for individuals facing mental health challenges.

In conclusion, Bucks County Housing Group’s partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to promote the 988 mental health hotline exemplifies the proactive approach needed to address mental health issues in our communities. By raising awareness, reducing stigma, and providing access to immediate support, BCHG is playing a vital role in supporting the mental well-being of the individuals and families it serves. This partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in creating positive change and ensuring that mental health remains a priority for all. Your mental health matters.

How It Will Impact Pennsylvanians, And What You Can Do About It


If Congress fails to act by January 19, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) will face a budget shortfall that could result in 2 million eligible families nationwide being turned away from the program. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) As an organization dedicated to providing essential services to vulnerable communities, BCHG is deeply concerned about the potential ramifications of the budget shortfall on the individuals and families utilizing our food program.

The WIC Program and The Budget Shortfall:

WIC is a crucial federal assistance program that provides nutrition education, healthy food, and support to low-income pregnant women, new mothers, and young children. (USDA) Currently, the WIC program serves about half of all infants born in the United States. Unfortunately, the budget that Congress is currently considering will fund the program at a $1 billion shortfall. The shortfall will cost the same amount as funding six months of benefits to all pregnant women and infants participating in WIC. (USDA) Individual states will likely create waitlists to join the program as a result of the shortfall, and several eligible families will be turned away from receiving the assistance they need.

What this Means for Pennsylvania:

The WIC budget shortfall is projected to impact 51,000 Pennsylvanians by September 2024. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) To avoid such a stark impact, the USDA may choose to reallocate funding from their other programs toward WIC, but there is no guarantee that this will be feasible. There will likely also be a long-lasting impact on the perception of the WIC program. Turning eligible participants away due to inadequate funding will likely discourage people from applying in the future.

Impact on Our Food Pantries:

Our pantries and mobile markets are vital resources for those in need, offering a safe and reliable source of food in times of economic hardship. The potential increase in demand due to the WIC budget shortfall will place additional strain on these essential services. We anticipate welcoming new families to our pantries and mobile markets as a result of the shortfall. Demand for produce, milk, eggs, baby formula, and diapers will also likely increase. Finally, we anticipate an increase in the need for families who are already utilizing our programs. The level of support WIC will provide to those already on their programs is uncertain, so their need for food from our programs may increase.

How You Can Help:

  1. Contact Your Representatives:
    Use the form here to contact your elected representatives. Be an advocate for policies that prioritize the well-being of pregnant women, new mothers, and young children.
  2. Spread the Word:
    Share this blog, our website, and our social media with your network to help spread awareness about the WIC budget shortfall. as well as the resources that BCHG provides to combat food and housing security.
  3. Donate to BCHG:
    Monetary support and food donations make a significant difference in our ability to meet increased demand at our food pantries. Support our mission by donating to our cause to help us prepare for the influx of patrons at our pantries.
  4. Volunteer Your Time:
    Offer your time and skills to assist at BCHG’s food pantries or other programs. Volunteering is a hands-on way to contribute to the community and support vulnerable individuals and families.
  5. Organize Food Drives:
    Coordinate food drives with local businesses, schools, and community groups. Collecting non-perishable items can help ensure that our food pantries remain well-stocked to meet the growing demand.


The WIC budget shortfall is a challenge that will require collective action and community support. By raising awareness, advocating for policy change, and contributing to organizations like ours, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity. Together, let’s ensure that every individual has access to the nutrition and support they need for a healthy future.

Written By: Amanda McGill

Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Ahead to the New Year

Welcome to BCHG‘s 2023 Wrapped: Our Year in Review! As we bid farewell to another eventful year, it’s time to reflect on the milestones, achievements, challenges, and moments that defined the journey for Bucks County Housing Group over the past twelve months. From program expansion, partnerships new and old, and community engagement, join us as we delve into the highlights and pivotal events that shaped our path in 2023. Embrace the nostalgia and anticipation as we unwrap the story of our year—a narrative woven with progress, resilience, and the collective efforts of our team and supporters. Scroll through the slideshow below to check out some of our favorite moments from 2023:

We are excited about the new opportunities, challenges, and chances to grow coming in 2024. Thank you for your support and partnership with BCHG. Our work is only possible because of your dedication to our mission. We can’t wait to continue to close the door on hunger and homelessness with you in the new year.

Want more of our 2023 Wrapped? Check out the video below:

BCHG 2023 Wrapped by Amanda McGill

A Guide to Making a Difference


Giving Tuesday is a global day of charitable giving that encourages people to give back to their communities and support causes they are passionate about. Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG) is continuing our work to close the door on hunger and homelessness, and we hope you’ll consider supporting us this Giving Tuesday. We are dedicated to addressing the challenges of food and housing insecurity, and providing affordable housing solutions, and rely on community support to carry out our mission. This Giving Tuesday, consider one of these ways to contribute to help give back to our community and support BCHG:

  1. Monetary Donations:
    One of the most direct ways to support BCHG is through monetary donations. Your financial contributions can go a long way in helping us provide shelter, food, and essential services to individuals and families facing homelessness. Visit our Giving Tuesday page to make a secure online donation, donate via Paypal, or fill out this form to set up a recurring donation to provide ongoing support. You can also support us by buying our merchandise!
  2. Fundraising Campaigns:
    Consider organizing a fundraising campaign within your community or workplace to raise awareness and funds for BCHG. You could host a neighborhood event, set up crowdfunding pages, or collaborate with local businesses to create donation drives. Get creative and involve others in the process to maximize the impact of your fundraising efforts. Need our support? Email info@bchg.org!
  3. Volunteer Your Time:
    If you have the time and skills to spare, consider volunteering with BCHG. We often need volunteers for various tasks, such as assisting with food distribution, helping in our community gardens, or providing support at our office. Volunteering is a hands-on way to make a direct impact and connect with the community you’re helping. To get started, visit our volunteer page.
  4. In-Kind Donations:
    We welcome in-kind donations of essential items. This could include non-perishable food items, clothing, hygiene products, and household supplies. You can view our current list of needed food items here, and check out our Amazon Wishlist for the most up-to-date needs of our housing program units and families.
  5. Spread the Word:
    Help amplify our mission by spreading the word on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X. Share our posts, upcoming events, and initiatives on your page or story. Encourage your friends, family, and followers to get involved and support us on Giving Tuesday! Use the hashtags #GivingTuesday, #GT2023, and #GivingTuesday2023 to increase the visibility of your posts and inspire others to join the cause.
  6. Corporate Sponsorship:
    If you represent a business, explore the possibility of corporate sponsorship for BCHG. This can involve financial support, in-kind donations, or even collaboration on community initiatives. Corporate partnerships can significantly boost our resources and enable us to expand our impact. If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner, email amcgill@bchg.org for more information.


This Giving Tuesday, make a meaningful contribution to Bucks County Housing Group and play a role in addressing homelessness and housing challenges in your community. Whether through financial support, volunteerism, or spreading awareness, your efforts can make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Join the movement and be a part of positive change in Bucks County.

  • Two children dyeing Easter eggs
  • Fresh produce on a table display
  • Gardening

How Your Support Transforms Lives at Bucks County Housing Group

At Bucks County Housing Group, we’re excited to share with you the incredible impact of your generous donations. Your support has been pivotal in changing lives, and we want to give you a glimpse of how we put your donations to work and how they are making a tangible difference in our community. 

1. Filling Plates and Hearts: The Food Program 

Your support has ensured that no one in our community goes to bed hungry. With your help, we’ve been able to purchase nutritious food to sustain our food program, providing a lifeline for individuals and families facing food insecurity. Your generosity goes beyond filling plates; it fills hearts with hope. We’re able to leverage your donations to fill our pantries with healthy produce, pantry staples, and allergen-friendly options.

2. Turning Houses into Homes: Essential Household Supplies 

Imagine starting anew with nothing but the clothes on your back. Your donations have made it possible for us to provide clients in our housing program with essential household supplies to get them started as they stabilize. From toiletries to bedding and kitchenware, your contributions empower individuals and families to transform their living situations, turning houses into comfortable homes. Additionally, our Apartment Partners program provides essential furniture and unforeseen expense help to our client families.

3. Play and Laughter for Children: A New Playset and More

Our youngest clients have reason to smile, thanks to your donations at work. We installed a new playset for children within our housing program thanks to a generous fundraiser from our community, bringing joy and laughter to their lives. This small act has had a significant impact, offering a sense of normalcy during challenging times. In addition, your support has provided supplies for our community building program to host holiday parties, homework help, and community days to aid in bringing a sense of camaraderie and support among our housing clients.

4. Cultivating Hope through Community Gardens 

Gardens are places of growth, not just for plants but for people too. Your support has allowed us to provide seeds and materials for our community gardens, enabling clients to cultivate fresh produce and gain valuable skills. Because of your help, our gardens nourish both bodies and spirits while fostering a sense of community and empowerment. 

5. Beyond the Examples: A Broader Impact 

Your support extends far beyond the specific examples mentioned. Because of your support, we have been able to provide shelter, offer case management services, and host educational workshops. These services are instrumental in helping our clients find stable housing, overcome challenges, and work toward self-sufficiency. 

The Ripple Effect: How Your Donations Transform Lives 

The impact of your generosity goes beyond immediate assistance; we put your donations to work to make lasting changes in Bucks County and our clients’ lives. Clients who receive support during difficult times are better equipped to tackle challenges and work towards self-sufficiency. Your contributions fill them with hope and empowerment, impacting every aspect of their lives and creating a brighter future for them and their families. 

In closing, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering commitment to our mission. Your support, whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or advocacy, is truly making a difference. Together, we’re creating a stronger, more vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

As we continue this journey of transformation, we look forward to the positive changes your kindness and compassion will bring. Thank you for being a vital part of this life-changing work. 


Have you been wondering “What are volunteer opportunities near me?” or “How can I get involved in my community?” Look no further! Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG) is working steadfastly to close the door on hunger and homelessness. Our mission depends on the invaluable contributions and support from individuals like you, who want to make a difference in their community. In this blog, we will shed light on how you can get involved with BCHG and play a pivotal role in turning our shared vision into reality. 

Understanding BCHG 

Before embarking on your journey of involvement, we encourage you to delve into the heart of Bucks County Housing Group. Explore our website, familiarize yourself with the needs in our area, peruse our social media, and acquaint yourself with our diverse range of services. This foundational knowledge will empower you to engage effectively and align with our vision. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

BCHG operates on the dedication and passion of volunteers who are the backbone of our organization. Volunteering offers an opportunity to directly contribute to our mission. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities you can explore: 

a. Food Pantries: Lend your time and compassion to our food pantries, where you can provide crucial support to individuals and families facing food insecurity. 

b. Community Gardens: Make a tangible impact by volunteering at one of our community garden locations, helping individuals access and grow fresh produce. 

c. Administrative Assistance: Offer your skills in areas like data entry or office management to help facilitate the smooth operation of BCHG. 

d. Other Opportunities: We are always looking for ways that community members can contribute their skillsets to our mission. If you have an idea for a volunteer partnership, let us know! 

Financial Contributions 

If your schedule doesn’t permit regular volunteering, we invite you to consider making a financial contribution. Your donation significantly supports BCHG’s programs and services. We offer various giving options, including one-time donations, monthly contributions, and support for specific fundraising campaigns. 


Amplify your voice in support of food security and housing issues in Bucks County. Advocate for initiatives that address the root causes of homelessness and endorse affordable housing solutions. Attend community meetings and become a voice for change in Bucks County. 

Organize a Fundraiser or Drive 

Harness your community spirit by organizing a fundraiser or donation drive within your network. Events like food drives, cleaning supply drives, and group fundraising can raise both awareness and resources for BCHG, making a considerable difference. Questions about holding a drive? Email amcgill@bchg.org.

Spread the Word 

Help BCHG’s mission reach new heights by promoting it on social media, within your local community, and among friends and family. Sharing our success stories, events, and volunteer opportunities can draw more support and volunteers to our cause. 


Bucks County Housing Group stands as a beacon of hope in addressing hunger and homelessness in Bucks County. Your involvement through volunteering, donations, advocacy, or event organization is invaluable to our mission. Every action, no matter how small, creates a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of those in need. Join us today and be a part of the solution with BCHG, for together, we create a stronger and more compassionate community. 

Written by: Amanda McGill


Cheers to making a difference! In a heartwarming collaboration between community and craft beer, our first annual Pints for a Purpose fundraiser was a great success, creating a delightful blend of charity and camaraderie. This event brought together beer enthusiasts, philanthropists, and local businesses all with a shared mission of supporting the Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG). With its unique combination of craft brews, live entertainment, and a worthy cause, Pints for a Purpose demonstrated the true essence of community spirit and giving back! 

BCHG and Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company: A Hub of Community Support 

Nestled in Croydon, Pennsylvania, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is renowned for its innovative craft beers and its strong sense of community engagement. The brewery, founded by Steve Capelli and Jermey Myers, has become more than just a local favorite; it has evolved into a gathering place that fosters connections among neighbors and beyond. 

With a commitment to giving back, the brewery partnered with us here at BCHG to help us in our fight against hunger and homelessness. Their dedication to being socially responsible and working with us to make Bucks County a better community for all is truly inspiring! 

Pints for a Purpose: An Unforgettable Fundraiser

Our Pints for a Purpose fundraiser was an exciting affair, attracting beer enthusiasts, community advocates, and philanthropists from all walks of life. The event offered a fantastic opportunity to savor a diverse array of craft beers while contributing to a noble cause. 

Guests were treated to a variety of Neshaminy Creek’s finest brews, including their new collaboration beers with Rita’s water ice, ensuring there was something to suit every palate. The brewery’s passionate and knowledgeable staff were on hand to guide attendees through the beer selection, making the experience all the more enjoyable. 

To enhance the ambiance, live entertainment was provided, featuring local musicians and performers who graciously donated their time and talent to support the cause, as well as a yoga hour by SEVA Yoga. Additionally, several local businesses brought their wares to the brewhouse to provide an immersive shopping experience for attendees. The energy and enthusiasm in the air were palpable as attendees reveled in the festivities while knowing that their presence and contributions were making a tangible difference. 

Making a Difference Together 

Thanks to the collective efforts of the attendees, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, and BCHG, our Pints for a Purpose fundraiser turned out to be a remarkable success. The funds raised during the event will undoubtedly go a long way in furthering our mission of providing shelter, food, and support to those experiencing housing challenges in the community. 

Furthermore, Pints for a Purpose exemplified the power of community support and how local businesses like Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company can use their platform to create a positive impact. Such initiatives inspire others to come together for the greater good, fostering a culture of giving that extends far beyond a single event. 


Pints for a Purpose was more than just an evening of beer tasting and entertainment. It was a celebration of compassion, community, and coming together to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The event showcased the immense power that businesses and individuals have when they unite for a worthy cause. 

The partnership between Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company and the Bucks County Housing Group demonstrated that philanthropy can be both enjoyable and impactful. As we raise our glasses to toast the success of Pints for a Purpose, let us also raise our awareness and support for ending hunger and homelessness in Bucks County. Together, we can make a lasting difference and create a community where everyone has a place to call home. 

Written By: Amanda McGill